Reactions on Theresa May’s plans for Brexit in the British press

BBC: Mrs May used her much-anticipated speech to announce the UK’s priorities for Brexit negotiations, including:

  • Maintaining the common travel area between the UK and Irish Republic
  • Tariff-free trade with the EU
  • A customs agreement with the EU
  • New trade agreements with countries outside the EU
  • Continued “practical” sharing of intelligence and policing information
  • “Control” of immigration rights for EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU
  • A “phased approach”

Daily Express: Mass immigration will stop under Theresa May’s 12 point Brexit plan which outlines the Government’s vision for Britain’s new role in the world after severing ties with the European Union.

Telegraph: The Prime Minister used a major speech to warn that the EU will be torn into “tiny pieces” if it does not give Britain the deal it wants, insisting that she will walk away from negotiations with Brussels if they attempt to give Britain a “bad deal”.

Daily Mail: In a concession to Europhile MPs and peers after months of bitter rows she announced that they will be given a vote on the final Brexit deal. The PM’s vision delighted Brexiteers but drew howls of outrage from Remainers – who have been frantically trying to limit the impact of the referendum result since last June.

The Times: Mrs May said she would pursue a “bold and ambitious” free trade agreement with the EU that would allow Britain to secure its own trade deals elsewhere in the world. She said she would seek “the greatest possible access to the single market on a fully reciprocal basis”.


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