Refugees deserve Human Dignity, Members of the European Parliament say

Refugees deserve Human Dignity!“, MEPs from different European political parties stated after a meeting of the Working Group on Human Dignity moderated and hosted by MEP Luigo Morgano (S&D) held last week.

MEP Morgano (S&D) said: “If we lose our founding values, widely inspired from the Christian heritage of Europe, then the EU will become just a collection of interests”.

European Christian Political Movement MEP Bastiaan Belder (ECR, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Working Group) noted in his welcoming remarks that “life is God-given and the basis of human dignity”.

The debate also focused on the dangerous situation of Christian refugees in refugees camps. Up to 40,000 Christians harassed and threatened in refugee camps in Germany, Open Doors finds.

I am embarrassed that Christian refugees reported to us that they cannot read their Bibles openly,” said Dr Thomas Müller (Persecution analyst at Open Doors International).

Also a representative of the European Commission (DG Home) was present at the meeting. “Human Dignity is the heart of fundamental rights and the basis for asylum rights. It’s good for us to see here the human perspective. We often do not see it from our desks in Brussels,” noted the European Commission policy officer Michal Gondek.

We have to speak out clearly about the violations of the fundamental rights of refugees caused by other refugees and not hide it,” noted European Christian Political Movement MEP Branislav Škripek (ECR).