Religious Freedom: Pakistani prosecutor blackmails Christian prisoners offering acquittal in exchange for conversion to Islam

Vatican Radio: A deputy district prosecutor in Pakistan is blackmailing 42 Christian prisoners who have been imprisoned since 2015, promising to free them if they convert to Islam. These Christians have been imprisoned since 2015 when two suicide bombers attacked several churches in Youhanabad, killing and injuring dozens of Christians.  

Initially, the deputy prosecutor denied that he made such an offer; however, he recanted when he found out that the accused possessed a video recording of the deal. He now asserts that he was only offering the imprisoned men a choice, International Christian Concern reports. Unfortunately, such an offer is not new. In addition to the most recent blackmail attempt, reports suggest that the prosecutor’s office tried blackmailing the Christians the same way six months ago, but they refused.

According to Christian attorney Nadeem Anthony the same offer has been made to Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian mother-of-five jailed after being found guilty of breaching Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. Her case has provoked global protests, with supporters accusing the judiciary of fabricating the charge to persecute a Christian just because her faith.