Renzi in Moscow seeking anti-ISIS Putin’s support

Today, Italian PM Renzi is expected to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. On the agenda there are Libya, Ukraine, ISIS, Energy issues and economic relationship between Italy and Russia. (La Stampa)

Renzi will seek Putin’s help over Libya asking Russian political support in case of military operation in the Mediterranean Sea, La Stampa said.

Over his visit, the director of one of the most important Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Ezio Mauro said that “Renzi should remember that he is speaking with a leader of a ‘regime‘. (La Repubblica)

To avoid any criticism, Italian PM will lay flowers where Russian opposition politician Boris Nemstov was shot dead on Friday (La Stampa)

Yesterday, the Italian PM visited Kiev where he met Ukrainian President Poroshenko. During the meeting he reiterated Italian support for Ukrainian economic growth and political stability. (Corriere della Sera)

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs during Berlusconi’s government, Franco Frattini welcomes Renzi’s visit to Moscow. “It’s fundamental to have Russia on board in foreign policy issues. They (the Russian) have already showed their will to fight terrorism during the recent Putin’s visit to anti-ISIS Egypt’s President al-Sisi. It is not possible to fight ISIS without Russian support at the UN Security Council” he added. (Franco Frattini official blog)

The White House urged EU countries to restarin from doing business with Russia:“We’ve been clear that this is not the time for business as usual with Russia,” spokesperson Marie Harf.“We’ve stressed with our European allies and partners the importance of unity in pressing Russia to stop fueling conflict in eastern Ukraine. That’s certainly something we feel very strongly about,” Harf stressed. (Russia Today)

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