Right wing parties of ENF will be the natural ally of new Trump administration, says New York City Councilman

“With the right-wing parties emerging in Europe, the European party “Europe of Nations and Freedom” (ENF) will be the natural ally of new Trump administration”, says Joe Borelli New York City Councilman, professor, and Republican commentator. 

In an op-ed on The Hill, he writes:

Across the continent, right-wing parties have continued to grow and organize, and since 2015, Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) has been an official group of the European Parliament, consisting of members deriving from populist and nationalist parties in nine countries.

ENF has already sought to be the natural ally of the new administration after sending a delegation to the U.S. to observe the final weeks of the campaign. The group, which was in town to learn from Trump’s victory, included the FPÖ’s Harald Vilimsky and Georg Mayer, as well as its dynamic young Secretary General, Ludovic de Danne.


If 2016 was any preview, Euroscepticism, nationalism and localism may soon replace globalism and unification as the prevailing governing concepts on the continent.

Americans must brace themselves for their country’s soon-to-be-dealings with the new politics of Europe, because, like it or not, many of these European leaders have already been interested in dealing with Donald Trump.