Romania moves closer to ruling out possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage

Romania moved a step closer to ruling out the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage on Wednesday when its top court paved the way for a referendum on defining marriage in the constitution as a union strictly between a man and a woman. The nine judges on the Constitutional Court ruled unanimously that a proposal signed by 3 million Romanians this year to change the constitution’s definition of marriage was valid. (Reuters)

This victory for marriage, family, and democracy as a whole reflects international and European human rights standards and jurisprudence, which highlight that marriage is the natural and fundamental group unit of society. The union between one man and one woman is timeless, universal, and unique. It expresses the reality that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life,” says ADF International Legal Counsel Adina Portaru.

Gay rights groups protested the ruling, and dozens later protested in downtown Bucharest. Protesters held banners saying “Love above Dogma” and “Love is not a sin” printed on a background of rainbow hearts and shouted “Equal rights.” (AFP)