Romania President rejects Muslim Sevil Shhaideh as PM

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis refused to appoint Sevil Shhaideh, a Romanian Muslim woman of Turkish descent, as the country’s new Prime Minister and asked the PSD-ALDE majority in the Parliament to make another proposal. (Romania Insider)

Sevil Shhaideh would have been Romania’s first female and Muslim prime minister. President Iohannis has given no reasons for his decision. Ms Shhaideh has been criticised for lacking political experience, only serving once as a regional minister. (BBC)

The standoff in the European Union’s second-poorest country raises the risk of returning to the type of crisis that led to months of bickering between top leaders and culminated in Traian Basescu’s suspension from the presidency in 2012. It may also undermine one of the fastest paces of growth in the EU by delaying investment and the tapping of development funds, an area where Romania has ranked last in the 28-member club. (Bloomberg)

The Social Democrat party’s chairman Liviu Dragnea is barred from becoming prime minister due to a conviction for electoral fraud, and the opposition have accused him of trying to run the country from the sidelines by installing Shhaideh as his puppet. (Euronews)