Russia-UK war at the UN – Russian ambassador to his British colleague: “Don’t you dare insult Russia”

On Wednesday, Russia’s deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov blasted the British permanent representative to the U.N. Matthew Rycroft, suggesting he was “scared” of Russia’s close relationship with the U.S. — and warning him: “Don’t you dare insult Russia again,” VICE news reports.

Mr Safronkov said: “Look at me, when I’m speaking, don’t look away. Why are you looking away?’ And he told the British ambassador: ‘You’re losing sleep that we might be working together with the United States, co-operating with the United States – that is what you fear.’

Earlier during the meeting, Rycroft had labeled the Assad regime as “murderous, barbaric, criminal,” stating that Russia’s continued support for the Syrian government meant they would bring “shame and humiliation” on the country, before adding that Moscow would be “on the wrong side of history.”

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