Saudi Arabia? No, France! French girl in hiding after criticizing Islam

Mila Orriols, a 16-year-old French girl who had criticised Islam on social media, was forced to go into hiding after she received thousands of death threats from Muslim fundamentalists. 

The girl, who is a lesbian atheist who used to post singing videos to social media, said Islam ‘is a s*** religion’ and the Koran is ‘full of hate’ in an outburst online after she repeatedly rebuffed a Muslim’s advances.

She has been removed from her sixth-form college in Lyon, south-east France, by police ‘for her own safety’ and has faced a torrent of insults and threats to rape and kill her. 

The teenager’s lawyer, Richard Malka, told The Times that her plight has been completely ignored by the left, which would usually leap to her defence.

‘It is the left that traditionally defends secularism in this country,’ he said. ‘It saddens me that it has not done so in this case.’

‘She has been stuck at home for two weeks without being able to go to school. She is only a teenager and the sky has fallen on her head.