Scandal erupts in Moldova over cross missing at the flag during its president’s visit to Iran

A scandal has broken out in Moldova over the distortion of the national flag during President Igor Dodon’s recent trip to Iran. Specifically, several media outlets drew attention to the fact that the cross was missing from the flag. The Moldovan leader, who is also the President of the republic’s chess federation, participated in the opening ceremony of the Women World Chess Championship in Iran last Friday, reports Sedmitza. Behind the president was the Moldovan flag, but noticeably absent was the cross in the eagle’s beak and the scepter.

The host is responsible for the flag during the visit, not the president. The ambassy is usually responsible for the question, but Moldova does not have its embassy in Teheran. We will clear it out. We will have a meeting with the Iranian president. If they don’t have real national flag of the Republic of Moldova, I will insist that they should take off the flag,” President Igor Dodon wrote, as reported by Interfax.

In January also Spanish Football team Real Madrid decided not to feature Christian cross on their T-Shirt in Middle East due to ‘cultural sensitivities’, as The European Post reported.