School bans boys from wearing shorts saying they can wear skirts in a move towards ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy

Skirts are the appropriate uniform for boys who are too hot in the summer months – shorts are not – says staff at an upmarket secondary school. Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has introduced a ‘more formal’ uniform policy allowing trousers and skirts as the only leg wear, reports

Leaders at the school in Sonning Common introduced a ‘more formal’ uniform policy at the beginning of the academic year that stipulated that the only leg wear permitted was trousers or skirts.

Headteacher Moira Green said: “In September 2017, with the support of parents, Chiltern Edge made the decision to move to a more formal uniform. This has been a success. Maiden Erlegh Trust, in preparation for September 2018, wholeheartedly support Chiltern Edge’s adoption of a more formal uniform.”