Schools in Europe cancel ‘Christmas’ to ‘protect non-christian students’

It is not the first attack on Christmas traditions in Europe. An Italian priest has cancelled his town’s annual Nativity scene over fears it may offend the Muslim community. In France, Nativity Scenes were forbidden in public space as well as in Madrid, where the far-left Mayor Manuela Carmena has decided not to display  the traditional nativity scenes in the Puerta de Alcalá.

Now it is the turn of schools: an Italian school in Palermo forbad praying and removed all photos of Pope Francis. A Milanese school  has transformed the traditional Christmas card into an invitation to a party “for the Holidays,” deleting the word “Christmas.” Another Danish school has cancelled the traditional Christmas service due to the presence of students of non Christian faith.

Danish primary schools have a duty to spread education – and teaching the cultural values and knowledge connected to Christmas is an essential part of that. “What benefits from this decision? Not the culture or level of integration within the country, ” Danish Health Minister Ellen Trane Norby said.

In the cover pic, “Adoration of the Magi “-  Peter Paul Rubens 1609