Some facts, thoughts and lessons after the Brexit


  1. The referendum idea came up of an internal conflict in the Tories.
  2. Cameron used the referendum on his campaign for the Cabinet to achieve a majority.
  3. This is the origin of the piece of history we witnessed on june 23, 2016.


  1. If Remain had been the most voted option – like it happen in the Scottish referendum –, Cameron would be, today, a national and european hero.
  2. Cameron could be the responsible for England stand, in a near future, with no Unions (Scotland and Northern Ireland voters expressed theis sympathy with the EU…).
  3. Nevertheless, his resignation must be respected, it was an act of honor.
  4. The campaign for Scotmain was based on fear, with the alleged dark consequences of EU output. The campaign for Bremain followed the same logic.
  5. Both campaigns focused almost exclusively on economy. Despite the fact EU is indeed an economic union, was not born like this: it came as the european peacekeeping project. Unfortunately, it seems that this concept has been forgotten.
  6. If Nigel Farage claims that the June 23, 2016 should be claimed as the British Independence Day, consistently should as well consider that Wales and Northern Ireland are, after all, british colonies, on the XXI century. None of them had (yet) a referendum to find out where or what they really want to be.
  7. The arguments used by Nigel Farage for Britain leave the EU comply with the concept of sovereignty of States arising from the Treaty of Westphalia (1648). Something modern so…
  8. I think everyone in Europe claimed for and reaaly expected another outcome (me too) of this referendum. But there where was the democratic debate on the British special status in the EU if have decided to remain?
  9. Althouh it was terrible to wake up on june 24 2016 knowing that the UK was out of EU, I want to state that I really admire the Brits: once more, they have given a lesson to the world, showing that nothing is considered inevitable! Through a democratic process and like previous memorial times – against the Spanish Armada, against Napolean, against Hitler –, Brits have showed that they have no fear to stand alone against everyone else to allegedly protect themselves.


Lesson 1: If this situation was a Battleship game, this outcome was a self-inflected shot on our own aircraft carrier, and a (almost) fatal shot on the European Franco-German construction Aircraft Carrier.

Lesson 2: If other states move forward with new referendums, there is a severe risk of more outlets.

Lesson 3: being really crystal-clear: the raising popularity of the anti-EU discourse (used by the extreme-left and extrem-right parties and movements) it’s the result of the daily EU arrogant bureaucrats Economese speeches and due the national politicians making the problems as europeans and the solutions as their owns.

Lesson 4: To avoid a more fragmented EU it’s crucial: (i) more popular legitimacy in the EU; (Ii) politics prevailing over economy; (iii) not stopping the european integration, but never more ignore or despize the fundamental values that brought up everyone together; (Iv) we deeply need statesmen leaders for Europe with the same capacity of the founders.

PS: I express my tribute to the Council of Europe (not to be confused with the European Council or the Council of the European Union) for still keeping the true essence of the European values: Human Rights, Democracy and State of Law. At least, UK is still a Member State.