Soros speculates about a new EU-UK marriage before the complete divorce

The fact is that Brexit is a lose-lose proposition, harmful both to Britain and the EU. The Brexit referendum cannot be undone, but people can change their minds,” Billionaire George Soros writes in an op-ed published on The Project Syndicate.

May could reach an understanding with the EU on the agenda and agree to continue as a member of the single market for a period long enough to carry out all the legal work that will be needed. This would be a great relief to the EU, because it would postpone the evil day when Britain’s absence would create an enormous hole in the EU’s budget. That would be a win-win arrangement,” he suggests to to Theresa May.

For the American tycoon, Brexit would still take at least five years to complete, “during which time new elections would take place. If all went well, the two parties might want to remarry even before they have divorced.