Spain national election poll: PP would win, significant loss for Podemos

CIS poll, Spain national election:

  1. PP (EPP, centre right) 25,6%
  2. PSOE (PES, centre left) 24,4%
  3. Podemos (GUE, left) 16,5%
  4. Ciudadanos (ALDE, Liberals) 13,8%
  5. Izquierda Unida (GUE, left) 4,8%
  6. UPyD (ALDE, Liberals) 1,9%

Centre right party Partido Popular (PP) led by current PM Mariano Rajoy would win next national election. The Spanish socialist party is only at 1,2% from PP. Severe loss for extreme left party Podemos led by Pablo Iglesias which loose more than 7% respecting previous poll (23,9%, February 2015).

Fourth party would be Ciudadanos which increase its percentage from 3,1% to 13,8%.