Spain: where are the frontrunners of the European elections in 2014?

The new Spanish online newspaper El Español, founded by former director of El Mundo Pedro J. Ramirez, listed what happened to Spanish frontrunners of the European election in 2014.

The result is curious.

PP (EPP) Miguel Arian Cañete: he became European Commissioner for Energy & Climate Change. He step down as MEP and he left the place of head of PP Spanish delegation to his n.2 Esteban González Pons.

PSOE (S&D) Elena Valenciano: who have heard about her in Spain? She is the chairwoman of the Human Rights committee of the European Parliament and she dedicates her political activities to foreign affairs issues.

Izquierda Unida (GUE) Willy Meyer: he had to quit as MEP due to a fiscal scandal in Luxembourg. (El Pais)

Podemos (GUE) Pablo Iglesias: if he doesn’t sleep, he is the one regularly attending the plenary sessions of the European Parliament but he is likely to run as frontrunner for the Spanish national election in autumn.

UPyD (ALDE) Sosa Wagner: he left the party and and the MEP seat in October. He left his place within ALDE group to 4 other UPyD MEPs Fernando Maura, Enrique Calvet, Beatriz Becerra and Maite Pagazaurtundua.

For more info El Español.