Spanish bishop publicly attacked for being against “Gender Ideology”

In recent years, Spainhas witnessed a major escalation against families by political leaders, aided by other powers such as the ‘gay empire’ and certain feminist ideologies,” the Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, said in his homily during a Mass that was celebrated at the Valencian headquarters of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

The Catholic cardinal also said Spain is the European country “where there have been more abortions, divorces, and civil partnerships,” and denounced legislation that promotes “gender ideology” (referring to the idea that the differences between males and females are social constructs) as “the most insidious thing in the history of mankind.” (El Pais 1)

More than 50 LGBT associations filed a complaint accusing the bishop of “for his homophobic and sexist comments that only serve to incite hatred against those who do not fit into the archaic standards upheld by the Catholic hierarchy.” (El Pais 2)

The regional Parliament of “Comunitat Valenciana will vote on a motion to condemn the Spanish Archbishop and it has organised a public debate to censure his words.  (Il Foglio)

The Archbishop replied to the critics with an open letter saying that Religious Freedom is at risk because he was publicly accused without the possibility of defending himself. He also added that the public debate at the regional Parliament has transformed the parliament in a “People’s Court and this reminds bad historical memories“. (El Español)

Gender theory is the problem, not the solution“, said Pope Francis last year.