Supreme Court says Parliament must give Article 50 go-ahead – Reactions in the British press

BBC:  “The membership of the EU is messy in constitutional terms – so only Parliament has the right to pull us out. It can’t be done by the stroke of a minister’s pen. On the devolution side, the government did however win hands down. The court unanimously ruled that the devolved bodies have no real say in leaving the EU: constitutional power – the means to change the fabric of the United Kingdom, rests with the UK Parliament alone.”

The Guardian: “The decision sets clear limits on the extent of the government’s executive powers. Rights embedded in the law by the 1972 European Communities Act, which took the UK into what was then the European Community, cannot be removed by the government’s prerogative powers, a majority of the justices declared.”

Daily Express: “Supreme Court judges thwart will of 17M Britons! May CAN’T trigger Brexit without MPs vote.”

Independent: “Our democracy is being gradually chipped away. That’s why the Supreme Court judgment is so important.”

Daily Mail: “Yet again the elite show their contempt for Brexit voters! Supreme Court rules Theresa May CANNOT trigger Britain’s departure from the EU without MPs’ approval… as Remain campaigners gloat.”

The Spectator: “Supreme Court decision to back the High Court and remind Theresa May that only parliament can dissolve laws that parliament makes is welcome. It has issued a useful refresher on constitutional law to certain MPs who might, in the excitement of the Brexit vote, have forgotten it.”