Swedish ‘feminist government’ walked before Iranian President wearing Hijabs

Sweden says it has the world’s first “feminist government“, but Trade Minister Ann Linde and other female members of the Swedish government walked before Iranian President on Saturday wearing Hijabs despite the fact that they promised to adopt a “feminist foreign policy” in which “equality between women and men is a fundamental aim.”

Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin signing a climate bill surrounded by female colleagues earlier this month was widely seen as mocking a picture of Donald Trump signing an executive order surrounded by his male staff (see picture on the left).

The delegation was led by Swedish PM Stefan Löfven, who intended to conclude trade deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Swedish government should have requested that female members of the delegation should not have been required to wear a headscarf, he said, and that if the request were not granted any trade agreements should have been signed in Sweden or a third country, said to the BBC.

Women in the Swedish government “should have condemned an equally unfair situation in Iran,” Ms Alinejad, Iranian journalist and activist, posted to My Stealthy Freedom, a popular Facebook page she runs that encourages Iranian women to post pictures of themselves without the hijab.

“It is ruinous to what is called a feminist foreign policy” said Swedish Liberal party chief Jan Bjorklund as reported by Le Figaro.

The human rights NGO “UN Watch” called the visit as a “Walk of shame”.