Swedish National Police Commissioner on country’s security: “Help us, help us!”

Police in Sweden have classed eight new suburbs in the country as “especially vulnerable“, Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper reported on Sunday. According to the newspaper, Sweden’s national police have added crime-ridden areas in Uppsala, Landskrona and Borås, as well as new problem areas in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said at a press conference Wednesday that the police had to work more closely with local authorities and community leaders to combat the problems in these areas. Appealing to other authorities who might be able to assist the police, he pleaded: “help us, help us.”

According to TheLocal.se, the police definition describe these districts as “socio-economically vulnerable areas with a generally high crime rate. In an especially vulnerable area there are also often parallel societal structures, religious extremism and police regularly have to adapt their methods to the volatile situation.

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