Swedish PM: “All priests should marry same-sex couples or you have to find another profession!”

Interviewed by the Church of Sweden’s newspaper Kyrkans Tidning, the Social Democrat prime minister Stefan Löfven compared priests who refuse to wed same-sex couples with midwives refusing to carry out abortions. “Us Social Democrats work to ensure that all priests should wed all people, including same-sex couples. If you are a midwife you either have to carry out abortions, or you have to find another profession. The same goes for priests who do not want to wed homosexuals,” Löfven told the paper. (Translation thanks to The Local Sweden)

Official documents from the church say it “offers” both heterosexual and homosexual marriage ceremonies. Although it is not against gay marriage, the Church of Sweden’s official stance is that no priest should be obliged to officiate at the wedding of a same-sex couple.