Tajani calls on the EU to preserve the Rule of law in Italy after Berlusconi ‘plot’ report

“Some new alarming elements are emerging concerning the 2013 conviction for tax fraud of Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi. In the last days, Italian newspapers published quotes of the rapporteur of the 2013 sentence that defines the judging college as ‘a firing squad’ and that sentence ‘was already written and ordered from above‘”, writes the former President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen asking the European Institutions to assess whether in Italy the judiciary has fulfilled its task in an impartial manner.

According to these new elements, “the sentence was a political one,” states Tajani. “It condemned our Party and leader to a strong and deprecative campaign that caused a huge distortion in our democratic process. In fact the sentence – discovered now groundless – forced Silvio Berlusconi, democratically elected by the Italians, to abandon the Senate of the Republic and prevented him from running for public office for years”, he continues.


ANSA – Berlusconi’s was definitively convicted in a case of tax fraud at his media empire in 2013 and got a four-year term, although he did not have to go to jail and only had to serve a small part of the sentence by doing community work. But the ruling hit the billionaire’s reputation and prevented him from running for office for several years. The case erupted after daily newspaper Il Riformista published a recording of a magistrate, Amedeo Franco, saying Berlusconi was “treated unjustly” as there was a “big plot” and he was condemned “from the off”. Also a recent judicial sentence by the Milan Civil Court overturned the first decision dismantling the old accusation and declaring that Silvio Berlusconi did not commit tax fraud.