Tajani donates his EU pension to charity

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, decided to donate his EU pension of about 3600 euro, to a drug rehabilitation centre

I’ve just received my pension as a former vice-president of the European Commission. It’s worth about €3,600 and I have decided to donate it every month to the “In Dialogo” drug addict rehabilitation centre close to Rome where I have volunteered for the last twenty-five years,” President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said in a public statement.

Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia, made the announcement amid rumours that the Italian government was planning to cut the pensions of Italian citizens.

“This means that everyone is entitled to use their pension as they see fit. And I do not believe it is right to put hands on the pensions of those who have given so much to the State. I think of the Carabinieri, the policemen, the customs officers, the agents of the Penitentiary Police,” Tajani continued.

Once elected as President of the European Parliament, Tajani renounced to the monthly allowance of 1,200 euro he was entitles to receive for his new role and he decided also to give back  468,000 euros to the EU, which he was entitled to receive as a former European Commissioner, in November 2014.

In the letter written by Tajani and addressed to Barroso, then President of the European Commission, he said that “in difficult time, the politicians should give the example of sobriety and solidarity to the European citizens who are obliged to take sacrifices.”