Tajani: “Stop the attacks against Christians and other religious minorities in Egypt!”

The Grand Mufti’s role is essential and I salute his unwavering condemnation of terror, his efforts to foster dialogue and his calls to respect cultural and religious diversity. I asked him to act in order to increase awareness and help stop the attacks against Christians and other religious minorities in Egypt,” President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said during his meeting with Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr Shawki Allam.

I want to express my full support to Egypt and assure that the European Parliament is by its side in the aftermath of the attacks that shook the country earlier this month,” he also added.

Pope Francis is visiting Egypt today and tomorrow. “Egypt trip gives Francis a chance to stand with suffering Christians,” writes Vatican analyst John J. Allen. “If Pope Francis does indeed go to Egypt to visit Al-Azhar, he may need to make sure that any detente with the Sunni Muslim center includes clear insistence that the country’s Christian minority must be protected. Otherwise, local Christians may see the visit as providing cover for their persecution,” he says.

Christianity in Egypt and the Arab world will not last for long,” American Christian diaspora fear.

Egypt admited: “90% of Fatwas aim to discriminate and exclude Christians from society