Tajani to Macron: “France should respect its commitment for a stronger and more competitive common European defence industry”

“As President of the European Parliament, I think there is a political problem,Antonio Tajani tells to Il Sole 24 Ore, referring to France’s decision to nationalise its biggest shipyard at St-Nazaire rather than allowing it to pass into Italian ownership of Fincantieri.

I recall the adoption of the declaration setting out a joint vision for the future in occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome last 25th March, and there was also France’s signature calling for a stronger and more competitive common European defence industry,” the President of the European Parliament added.

On this matter, Italy, France, Germany and Spain, the biggest industrial countries of the EU, should stay united. Italy has already showed a different behaviour towards economic operations that followed legal rules. I don’t recall any opposition to any French investment in Italy, including the recent case of Vivendi,” Tajani concluded.