The alternative celebrations of the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome: where Le Pen and Salvini are?

European Union leaders have stressed the need for unity at a celebration in the Italian capital marking 60 years since the Treaty of Rome was signed. Twenty-seven European Union countries, not including the UK, signed a new declaration to honour the 1957 treaty, which led to the bloc’s foundation.

But where are two of the main anti-European leaders French Marine Le Pen (Front National) and Italian Matteo Salvini (Lega Nord) ‘celebrating’ the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome?

Marine Le Pen met with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin yesterday urging the end of the EU sanctions against Russia and promising to officially recognize Crimea as Russian territory once elected President.

Matteo Salvini is in Lampedusa, the island in Italy “symbol of migration crisis and the failure of the European Union,” he stated according to Il Giornale.