The European Medical Corps inaugurated today – find out what it is

As part of the European Emergency Response Capacity, the European Medical Corps relies on voluntary contributions of EU Member States. Medical teams and equipment are made available so they can be rapidly deployed to provide medical assistance and public health expertise for emergencies inside and outside the EU.

By January 2016, nine Member States have already offered their specialised units to the European Medical Corps (Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden).

To date, two deployments of the European Medical Corps have been carried out, both in the context of the European response to the Ebola crisis.

The European Medical Corps will significantly increase the availability of doctors and medical equipment for future emergencies and thus reduce their consequences.

The Emergency Response Capacity is part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and the Emergency Response Coordination Centre serves as the main coordination hub for the deployment of teams and equipment during disasters.