The European Parliament condemned all forms of surrogacy 


What happened? 

Today, the European Parliament approved the “Annual report on human rights and democracy in the world 2014 and the European Union’s policy on the matter. Click here to check the key players.

What is it?

This is a European Union report taking into account all the possible actions relevant to promoting human rights. Among other topics, it took stock on EU actions against the death penalty, fight against torture and ill-treatment,  defending freedom of expression, children’s rights and rights of women and girls.

What does it say on surrogacy?

Under the paragraph on “Rights of woman and girls”, sub paragraph 114, it states:

“Condemns the practice of surrogacy, which undermines the human dignity of the woman since her body and its reproductive functions are used as a commodity; considers that the practice of gestational surrogacy which involves reproductive exploitation and use of the human body for financial or other gain, in particular in the case of vulnerable women in developing countries, shall be prohibited and treated as a matter of urgency in human rights instruments”;

What does it mean?

The European Parliament considers that the practice of surrogacy shall be prohibited and treated as a matter of urgency in human rights instruments.


To whom is this directed?

To all Member States especially now that some Member States are discussing this matter and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is also debating a report on “Human Rights and ethical issues related to surrogacy“.


Read full report here.