The European Union should be re-founded on its Judeo-Christian roots!

by Marco Gombacci

We celebrated Europe’s Day. The doors of the European Institutions were open, but what did the public see inside? Neutral and impersonal corridors, rooms and spaces.

No sign of who we were nor who we are. When you get into the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the French Assemblée Nationale, the Spanish Congress, or other Representative Chambers, you immediately recognize the importance of the history of those countries.

Europe is not just sixty years old but it also has a millennial history made by the Romanization, Christianisation and the influence of Ancient Greek culture!

Instead of only opening the aseptic institutions, the European Union should promote the opening of our museums and churches to proudly show the Europeans the beauties of our Western and Christian culture.

“Europe and Democracy would either be Christian or not at all,” Robert Schuman (picture on the left), one of Europe’s founding father, once said. Now, the current European Union lacks a soul. We can’t speak about Europe without recognizing who we are, without recognizing our Judeo-Christian roots.

Islamic terrorists inside and outside the European Union want to wipe out our art and history!

They are persecuting Christians in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and destroyed all Christian churches and temples, the ancient Roman temple of Palmyra, the historical artefacts in Al-Raqqah and Mosul, and other ancient historical artefacts.

Why? Because removing all traces of any previous culture or civilisations is the ideal way for the group to establish its own identity, its own platform of propaganda so it can leave its mark on history.

We should ask the leadership of the European Union, the heads of the European governments and heads of States to do the opposite: to open the door of our museums and churches and to officially recognize our Christian roots and be proud of them.

To fight the war, terrorism and to have a strong Europe we should restart from a discussion on our cultural identity.

We are no one if we don’t know who we are.

Giscard d’Estaing, the then president of the Convention on the Future of Europe that drafted the ill-fated Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, decided to exclude the reference to our Judeo-Christian roots in the introduction of “Europe’s Constitution.” It was a historical mistake.

We should be proud of our common Judeo-Christian roots. From Palermo to Hamburg, from Bilbao to Warsaw, we have to be proud that we have something in common such as our Judeo-Christian history, identity, art and culture, which keeps us united!

In order to learn, grow and be human beings, we need to know our culture and art to differentiate ourselves from the terrorists who are barbarians and assassins and who want to eliminate our cultural heritage.