Theresa May meets Saudi Crown Prince without a headscarf

Theresa May met the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia without wearing a headscarf, in defiance of the kingdom’s strict rules on female dress.  The deeply conservative theocracy imposes strict controls on its female citizens, requiring them to wear long, black cloaks known as abayas with a hijab or niqab to cover their heads in public places, The Independent reports.

Earlier, May said she hopes to be a role model for women in Saudi Arabia, who may feel oppressed by restrictive laws such as a ban on women driving or the limits placed on women’s movement without a male guardian.

The only other female British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, met with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in 1985. She wore a long dress and a hat during her visit.

In February, Swedish ‘feminist government’ walked before Iranian President wearing Hijabs.