“Too many children were denied the right to be born,” Pope Francis says

Christians are called to follow Europe’s patron St. Benedict, and revitalize the continent and revive its conscience, not by occupying spaces, this would be proselytism, but by generating processes capable of awakening new energies in society,” Pope Francis says during “Dialogue (Re) Thinking Europe, – a Christian Contribution to the Future of the European Project,” organised in Vatican City by COMECE, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community.

Europe has lost this sense of solidarity, the pope said, becoming “infertile,” not only due to low birth rates and because “all too many [children] were denied the right to be born,” but also because older generations have been incapable of passing on to the young ones the tools needed to face the future.

To revitalize the continent  it is necessarily to revitalize also the family, “as the primordial community, remains the most fundamental place for this process of discovery,” he said. “(…) The family is the harmonious union of the differences between man and woman, which becomes stronger and more authentic to the extent that it is fruitful, capable of opening itself to life and to others.