Top leaders of the Federation of Northern Syria at the European Parliament ask the EU to condemn the Turkish aggression and to pressure Turkey state to withdraw its army from Afrin

Condemning the Turkish aggression against North Syria and pressuring the Turkish state to withdraw its army from Afrin are two of the main requests of top representatives of the Federation of Northern Syria made today during a conference organised at the European Parliament.

The top leaders of North of Syria also asked the EU to put efforts to ensure the participation of the northern Syria’s representatives in the UN Geneva Peace Talks, to provide urgent humanitarian aid and to allocate the necessary fund for the re-construction of the liberated areas.

Mr. Sanharib Barsom (picture on the left), co-president of the Federation of Northern Syria attended the conference and asked for the EU’s political and economic support, underlying the common objective of the EU and the Federation to fight and eradicate DAESH and all the jihadists groups from Syria.

The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) is a de facto autonomous region in northern Syria. It consists of three self-governing regions: Afrin Region, Jazira Region, and Euphrates Region.The region gained its de facto autonomy in 2012 as part of the ongoing North of Syria conflict and the wider Syrian Civil War.

The system in the North of Syria is widely known for its religious freedom, respect of gender balance and empowerment of women’s rights policies, which are seriously undermined by the Turkish aggression according to Mr. Alhassan, Governing Board of Federation of Northern Syria.

Sallux, the foundation of the European Christian Political Movement hosted the event, chaired by MEP Branislav Skripek who joined the criticism against the Turkish offensive calling for “the end of aggression”.

“The EU has failed in Syria along with the entire international community,” MEP Marijana Petir added, also saying that she feels “extremely sad and devastated as my heart falls apart with the recent developments in Syria. This wounded country has suffered so much in the last seven years.”

“What’s happening in Syria is much closer than what we can imagine and solidarity should be never evaluated by distance!” Methin Rhawi head of Foreign relations of the European Syriac Union concluded.


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