Tsipras returns to power with clear election win

Alexis Tsipras returned to power on Sunday after SYRIZA scored a convincing electoral win that allowed the prime-minister-in-waiting to renew the alliance with Independent Greeks and its leader Panos Kammenos. (Ekathimerini)

The election is over, the economic crisis is not – Alexis Tsipras’s renewed mandate will allow him to push for more debt relief and an easing of austerity conditions. (The Guardian)

Too many choices, no real alternative – Polls have closed in Greece. For the third time in eight months, voters were called on to determine the country’s future. This time, many seemed less than eager to do so, reports Milan Gagnon from Athens. (Deutsche Welle)

Greek voters returned Alexis Tsipras to power with a strong election victory on Sunday, ensuring the charismatic leftist remains Greece’s dominant political figure despite caving in to European demands for a bailout he once opposed. (France24)

Tsipras: “Die Hard! It’s people’s victory!” (Repubblica)

Also Eurogroup President congratulates Tsipras:

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