Turkey election: when a win is actually a defeat

More than 53.7 million voters head to the polls on June 7 for a crucial parliamentary election in Turkey. The ruling AKP has lost its single party majority as the Kurdish problem-focused HDP passed the election threshold. (Hurriyet)  

The Erdogan’s AKP secured 41% of the vote, followed by the Republican People’s party (CHP) at 25%, the Nationalist Movement party (MHP) on 16.5% and the pro-Kurdish leftist Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP) fourth at a surprise 12.5%. (The Guardian)

AK Party failed to win an outright majority in a parliamentary election. “We expect a minority government and an early election,” a senior AKP official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. (Reuters)

Nationalist MHP has already ruled out any coalition






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