Turkish-backed jihadists threaten to free thousands of ISIS prisoners

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters have links or sympathies with local IS detainees, Rojava Information Center denounced. Over 40 former ISIS members working in Afrin as part of Turkish-backed forces have been identified in a new database. They include commanders, brigade leaders, recruiting officers and co-ordinators working directly with the Turkish army.

The Free Syrian Army, fighting now alongside with the Turkish army in their offensive against the Kurds, is made up of dozens of jihadist militias including Jaysh al-Islam, Suleiman Shah and Sultan Murad — all of which have been accused of atrocities.

Across Afrin, groups like Ahrar al-Sharqiya and the Sultan Murad Brigade are imposing sharia law, and engaging in extortion, kidnapping, murder, torture, rape, and gender-based violence, in actions possibly amounting to war crimes per the United Nations. 

Now members of these groups are seen in videos published online to commit crimes against the Kurds and promising to free their jihadists brother from the prisons.

In this video, a member of the brigade Sultan Murad is seen saying in Arabic that “we are going to free our brothers from prisons” screaming the ISIS motto “Bakiah Bakiah” meaning “we will last”, in a reference to Caliphate lasting.

The video show a member of the Sultan Brigade of the Free Syrian Army promising revenge and promises to free its jihadist brothers from prisons

In other videos, Turkish backed jihadists are seen steps on the corpse of a dead Kurdish woman:

Here ISIS members openly and proudly reiterating ISIS slogans sitting in armored vehicles provided by Turkey.

Cover pic: @ Shutterstock.com