Turkish Foreign Minister tells Germany to stop lecturing

Deutsche Welle: Turkey’s foreign minister – speaking from the Hamburg consulate after his rally was called off – has again lambasted Germany. Ankara accuses Berlin of “meddling” in its controversial push to broaden presidential powers. Cavusoglu said Germany should stop lecturing Turkey on human rights and democracy, claiming that Europe was being hypocritical, given its serious problem with racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity and crimes against humanity.

Euronews: Addressing Turkish voters on Tuesday, he said in a fiery speech:

“You prevent us from meeting our Turkish citizens. Does this suit humanity? Does this suit democracy? Does this suit human rights? Does this suit people’s right to meet?”

Each time the crowd roared “No!”

“Please don’t attempt to give us democracy and human rights lessons,” Cavusoglu told them.

“Look at yourself first.”