Turkish parliament votes to lift MPs’ immunity as Erdogan acts against Kurdish politicians

Turkey’s parliament has voted to strip dozens of politicians of immunity from prosecution in a vote that could pave the way to trials of the president’s political foes. (Telegraph)

The contentious amendment was proposed after Mr. Erdogan called for members of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or H.D.P., to face prosecution for alleged ties with Kurdish militants who have carried out a three-decade-long insurgency against Turkey. (New York Times)

The pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) said in a statement: “The indictment of our deputies are raised and submitted to the Parliament purely because of our political endeavor to democratize Turkey and build a libertarian country. We would like to reiterate what we have already publicly stated many times: the said political endeavors are a badge of honor for our deputies.”  (ARA News)