UK MPs vote to back Brexit amendment on triggering Article 50

MPs have overwhelmingly backed Theresa May‘s plan to trigger Brexit in a vote which supporters said gave the Prime Minister a “blank cheque” to take Britain out of Europe. The result saw 461 MPs side with the Prime Minister and vote to commit the Government to triggering Article 50 by the end of March next year. (Telegraph)

89 MPs voted to block Brexit tonight, despite June’s referendum delivering a record 17.4million votes in favour of quitting the EU.  The rebellion against Brexit was marginally higher than expected but the result delivered a major boost to the Prime Minister and represented the first ever Commons majority in favour of leaving the EU. (Daily Mail)

Labour was hit by a backbench revolt tonight when its attempt to force Theresa May to publish her Brexit plans sparked accusations it had fallen into a Tory trap. A total of 23 Labour MPs defied their party leadership – and dozens more abstained – because the vote also meant supporting the Prime Minister’s timetable for triggering the Article 50 exit notice. (Independent)