“UK need migrants because Britons are ‘so bloody stupid,” man who wrote Article 50 says

Europhile peer has provoked outrage after he claimed Britain needs intelligent migrants to come to the UK because “native” Britons are “so bloody stupid”. Lord Kerr of Kinlochard is the peer responsible for writing Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which gives any EU member the right to quit unilaterally. (Telegraph)

And he claimed the Leave side only won the referendum by ‘cleverly outsourcing xenophobia and racism’ to Nigel Farage – allowing the Ukip leader to make the sort of offensive claims that would boost the campaign. (Daily Mail)

In a different BBC interview, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard said the UK could choose to stay in the EU even after exit negotiations had begun. He has also renewed calls for either parliament or the public to be given a chance to stop Brexit. The UK government insisted the leave vote must be respected.