UK school questionnaire splits Italians in three: Sicilian, Neapolitan and Standard-Italian

Registration forms at some British schools made a distinction between Italian students of Sicilian, Neapolitan or ‘standard-Italian’ origin, causing outrage as the Italian Ambassador in London reiterated that Italy has been unified since 1861. (Italian Insiders)


Wishing to be generous, we are looking at an example of stupidity and ignorance, but a more objective viewer might see things in a much worse light. The fact is that enrolling in some schools in the UK means running the gauntlet of ethnic classification, seeing that four different types of Italian are envisaged,”  is the comment made by one of the most sold Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Italian ambassador to UK Terracciano said he had received a “telephone call” ahead of a formal written apology after the embassy lodged a petition of protest on Tuesday. “Italy has been a unified country since March 17, 1861,” the embassy had pointed out. Terracciano said the Foreign Office “shared our perplexities”. (ANSA)