Ventotene meeting in the International Press

Ventotene summit to chart roadmap for EU’s response to Brexit vote. (The Guardian)

The leaders of Italy, France and Germany vowed Monday to boost joint European security efforts in the wake of Islamic extremist attacks as they made a symbolic bid to relaunch the European Union after Britain’s vote to leave. (France24)

In Ventotene, there was the first summit of a “New Europe”, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“Defense cooperation… should be strengthened and the exchanges between our intelligence services must be intensified,” Merkel said. (Deutsche Welle)

The choice of the island is symbolic. Altiero Spinelli, considered one of the bloc’s founding fathers, wrote a federalist manifesto when imprisoned there during the second world war. (Financial Times)

NOTE: On the two major French newspapers Le Figaro and Le Monde, the news of Ventotene meeting doesn’t appear in their online version because overtaken by the decision of Sarkozy to run for the centre right primary election.