“Vienna-Munich-Rome” axis for tougher European external borders

Interior ministers Matteo Salvini of Italy, Horst Seehofer of Germany and Herbert Kickl of Austria said after talks here Thursday that an “axis of the willing” led by Vienna, Berlin and Rome would curb migrant departures and landings in Europe, so that only those who are really fleeing was arrive in Europe. Italian proposals on migrants should become EU ones, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said after three-way talks in Innsbruck Thursday with German and Austrian counterparts Horst Seehofer and Herbert Kickl. “It will bring satisfaction if Italian proposals become European ones with a reduction of migrant departures, landings and costs,” he said as reported by ANSA.

The biggest divide is between Italy — a frontline country that wants more support in dealing with the flows of migrants that enter its shores — and the rest. Rome is resistant to setting up EU “controlled centres” on its shores to process asylum claims and wants them in other member states instead. But Berlin and Vienna want Mr Salvini’s anti-establishment government to do more to take back failed asylum seekers from their countries if they have registered in Italy. They will also tell the League leader to take action to “shut down the Mediterranean route into Europe”.