What does the international press write about Bratislava Summit?

Member states minus UK look for common ground as four Visegrád countries set out stall against EU’s refugee sharing plan. (Guardian)

The eastern EU states, particularly Poland and Hungary, are furious about attempts by Berlin and Brussels to impose migrant quotas. They also don’t like being told, as the Luxembourg foreign minister said this week, that their authoritarian-nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim brand of politics is a “breach” of true European values. (Telegraph)

More or less Europe? What does Brexit mean? What to do with refugees? How to make citizens more secure? – These are four questions EU should ask itself in Bratislava, according to Newsweek. 

The informal meeting of EU leaders in Bratislava is not expected to bring any concrete solutions, but it could at least launch the Brexit-related processes and give a hint of what the EU should be about in the future. (Spectator)

Chancellor Merkel has said the EU must show unity at its upcoming summit in Bratislava. It will be the first time that the leaders of the European Union nations will meet en masse since Brits voted to leave the bloc. (Deutsche Welle)