What is happening in Italy?

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that he would offer his resignation to President of Republic Sergio Mattarella (cover picture) today to avoid a defeat in parliament in a vote on judicial reforms on Wednesday.

He has already communicated his intention during today’s Council of Ministers.

There are now three different options:

  • President Mattarella could offer Conte a new mandate to form a new government (Conte-ter) with the same majority + Renzi’s party Italia Viva + new MPs from different parties. In this case, former Premier Matteo Renzi would come support Conte’s government after he pulled his small party’s support for the ruling coalition one week ago.
  • President Mattarella could hold consultations with Italian political parties to understand if there is another majority in the Parliament and another figure to be next President of the Council of Ministers.
  • President Mattarella could call for a government of national unity (including all parties, including opposition parties) to join forces to form a new government to manage the pandemic crisis and organize the plan to manage the Recovery Fund.
  • President Mattarella could call for new elections.