What is the “Jamaica coalition”?

  • Angela Merkel’s CDU largest party but loosing 10%.
  • Record low for SPD
  • AfD to be third power in Bundestag. It0s the first time a far right party in Germany enters the parliament after the end of the Second World War.

No coalitions are practically viable without Merkel’s CDU taking the lead. However, a repeat of the current “Grand Coalition” with the Social Democrats is not the chancellor’s only option, Deutsche Welle reports. Socialist leader Martin Schulz said the result was the end of the “grand coalition” with Mrs Merkel’s alliance.

Jamaica coalition?

A “Jamaica” coalition, so-called because of the colours of Jamaica’s flag, is emerging as the most likely option. It includes the black CDU/CSU, the yellow, business-friendly FDP and the Greens. It is not a marriage made in heaven, as the Greens want to phase out 20 coal-fired power plants and the FDP disagree, but the only formation that would guarantee enough seats in the new Bundestag, broadcaster ZDF says.





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