What the European Parliament’s leaders said to Tsipras?

Tusk, President of the European Council: “It is necessary at this stage to move on. Let bygones be bygones.

Juncker, President of the European Commission: “In the light of the Greek crisis the answer cannot be to turn away from the need to take the economic and monetary union further.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: watch the video on The European Post.

Manfred Weber, Chairman of EPP Group, Germany: “You engage in provocation, we engage in compromise. You are looking at failure, we are looking for success“.

Pittella, Chairman of S&D Group: “I think the conditions are there for an agreement to be reached this week and it is now up to the government to decide on reforms to support employment, combating corruption, tax evasion

Legutko, on behalf of ECR Group: “Something is rotten in Greece but something is rotten in the EU too.”

Verhofstadt, Chairman of ALDE Group: “For five years we have been sleepwalking toward a Grexit with the help and with the support of the people of the extreme right. And these last months we have been running toward a Grexit.”

Zimmer, on behalf of GUE/NGL Group: “Let’s find solutions which are sustainable and will last and not just give us short-term gratification so we can stand up and ask other people to do stuff. Let’s respect people and Europe and let’s respect the decision  taken on Sunday.”

Harms, on behalf of Greens/EFA Group: “Everything has to be decided this week” and added that “democracy and Putin do not match“.

Farage, Chairman of EFDD Group: “If you try and force together different people or different  economies without first seeking the consent of those people, it is unlikely to work and the plan has failed”.

Le Pen, Chairwoman of ENF Group: “The euro and austerity are Siamese twins. Your people will not escape from austerity without leaving the euro.”

Source: European Parliament website