Who is behind the new President of France Emmanuel Macron?

France is not only one of the most important country of the European Union, it is also a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it is a nuclear power with an important army, it is the best ally of Germany and the French-German axis is at the heart of the decision making process in Brussels.

For these reasons, it would be wrong to consider yesterday’s election as business as usual.

Emmanuel Macron, the new President of France,  will be the main protagonist in the European and International politics in the upcoming years. He is considered to be the ‘new‘ man. The man who will save the European Union from ‘populists’ and ‘eurosceptic’ movements.

But is he really independent?

Wikileaks disseminated the list of some of his main and most famous financiers:

  • Soros: 2 365 910,16 €
  • David Rothschild: 976 126,87 €
  • Goldman-Sachs: 2 145 100 €
  • Obama: 10 654 €

All these donations were absolutely legitimate and legal but it is going to be up to the new French President to show his independence from his donators even though it is likely to be a really a hard job.

Bonne chance monsieur le Président! 



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