Who is the man who is supposed to save us from the war? Brief profile of Bernadino León, UN special envoy to Libya

The name of the UN special envoy to Libya, Bernadino León  has been continuously mentioned in many articles, conferences, TV programme and political debates. Western countries are expecting him to find a diplomatic solution in the Libyan crisis:

But who is him?

  • Spanish diplomat of more than 20 years’ experience;
  • Personal Adviser to the European Union Special Representative Javier Solana for the Middle East Peace Process (1998-2001);
  • Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Miguel Angel Moratinos (2004-2008);
  • Secretary-General at the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2008-2011);
  • European Union Special Representative for the Southern Mediterranean (2011-2014);

In an interview for the German newspaper Deutsche Welle he said:

“The militias didn’t trust the rest of the institutions and decided not to integrate, disarm or disband which is one of the key factors that complicate things today.  But not the only one.  The institutions, maybe because of a lack of tradition and democratic debate, have conflicting views.  And problems between the government and the parliament in the past have been quite serious. Probably the lack of a tradition and political debate and lack of institutions that were eliminated by the Gadhafi regime have led us to the situation that we have today.” 

“Libyans don’t seem to be able to solve this crisis by themselves and they will need the support of the international community. There are several problems which are very serious. One is lack of border control (…)The other is terrorism.

Sources: UN Press Release, European Council Press Release