Who won the election in Andalusia?

The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) won key election in Andalusia region getting 47 seats out of 109. The centre right party Partido Popular (PP) got 33 seats loosing 17 seats from the previous election (2012).

Under all the expectations, the extreme left party Podemos arrived in third place with 15 seats.

New party Ciudadanos (Liberals) arrived fourth (9 seats) overcoming left party Izquierda Unida (5 seats).

Even if it was a clear Socialist win, Susana Diaz (in the picture, PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the region) will have to negotiate with other parties in order to form a new coalition to obtain the majority needed (55 seats).

  1. PSOE 47 (35,53%)
  2. PP 33 (26,64%)
  3. Podemos 15 (14,85%)
  4. Ciudadanos 9 (9,25%)
  5. IU 5 (6,91%)

How much money Spanish parties will get from this election?

Each party will receive 22.299,12 euro per seat and 82,29 cent per vote received. (Europa Press)

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Source: El Mundo, El Pais, El Español